Non-Profit Groups We Support

We feel good when we help others.  When you create an account under the select Non-Profit Groups we support, Hempfield Labs will share a portion of their profits with that organization.  Just click on the button under the non-profit organization, fill out your account information and each time you place an order with us, we will make a donation to that non-profit.

If you have a non-profit group you would like us to support, please let us know by clicking here.

From Farm to Wellness… at Hempfield Labs we take pride on being a part of the life cycle of our hemp from cultivation to the final consumable product. We grow our own hemp and work in partnership with farmers throughout the United States. By participating in the cultivation of the hemp biomass, we can ensure our CBD is 80-90% pure with non-detectable THC, and most importantly, the wellness it provides our customers.

We now offer CBD Pet tinctures in 3 dosages to help your pet with anxiety, and joint /muscle pain.

The Chance Foundation helps homeless, neglected, abused and/or abandoned dogs. While in their care, they provide housing, food, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and any medical care the dogs may need.

To support this non-profit with a purchase from Hempfield Labs, click the button below.

To make a cash donation to The Chance Foundation click here and use the yellow “Donate” button