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Our quality active Hemp extract products are an excellent option to restore calm, revitalize, and be renewed without the long-term negative effects of over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen.

Fulvic acid supports and facilitates the body’s natural detoxification functions. Studies have shown that fulvic acid can bind and help detoxify heavy metals and mineral metals even in the deepest tissues. Hempfield Labs’ fulvic acid recharges and balances pH and the cell membrane’s electrical potential to help restore optimal cellular function, energy, and vitality.

Fulvic Acid is found in nature when organic plant matter decomposes and releases millions of beneficial bacteria. It is full of many types of minerals and nutrients that people today are missing.  Fulvic acid is able to easily pass through cellular membranes allowing it to be properly absorbed. It helps us absorb and use other nutrients better and boosts the assimilation of other supplements.  There are many benefits to taking fulvic acid including:

  • digestion
  • boosts nutrient absorption
  • gut health
  • immunity
  • cognitive function
  • improve energy levels
  • protect us from infections, viruses, yeasts and fungus
  • boosts skin health
  • slows down aging
  • and more

For more information about fulvic acid check out these references:

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