Who We Are


To offer pure, trustworthy hemp products in order to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and the larger community.

From Farm to Wellness.  Hempfield Labs prides itself on being a part of the life cycle of our hemp from Cultivation to the finishing of the consumable product and the Wellness it provides our customers.  We grow our own hemp and work in partnership with farmers throughout the United States.  By participating in the cultivation of the hemp biomass from the beginning of its life cycle we can ensure the product’s purity and quality.

Our proprietary lab processing generates broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil of the purest quality.  These oils are available for sale to our wholesale customers in quantities starting from 5 liters.

Using Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum oils processed at our facility, we are able to create a large range of wellness products for our customers.

Meet Our Team


Ric Eschenwald

Hempfield Labs

Gary Black Sr PhD

Chief Scientist
Product Development & Formulation / Hempfield Labs


Peter Hughes

Cultivation / Partner
Hempfield Labs / Red Barn Agriculture

Steve Groff

Culivation Coach
Hempfield Labs / HempInnovators

Extraction & Processing

Gary Black Jr.

Production Manager

Hempfield Labs

Harold Eckman

Hempfield Labs

Adrian Eschenwald

Hempfield Labs

Gabriel Eschenwald

Hempfield Labs


Nick Montalbano

Production & Fullfilment
Hempfield Labs

Sales, Marketing & Branding

AudreyHains Headshot

Audrey Hains

Marketing & Branding
Hempfield Labs

Stan Termini

Graphic Design
Hempfield Labs


Patricia Will

Hempfield Labs

Mark Huddleston

Head of Information Technology
Hempfield Brands and Affiliates

Thomas Gorman

Information Technology / Partner
Hempfield Brands and Affiliates

David Yuengling

Information Technology / Partner
Hempfield Brands and Affiliates

Jose E. Rodriguez

Contracts and Procurement
Hempfield Labs